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Mapping Software


The Remote Sensing Software “GEOclassifier” provides an easy access to start wetland mapping. It is available as standalone Software and as ArcGIS Toolbox. Furthermore an implementation in QGIS is in work.

Optical Satellite Data can be analyzed with an adjusted workflow, inlcuding 22 tools for:

  • Geometric Correction
  • Radiometric Adaption
  • Index Calculation
  • Image Segmentation
  • Supervised segment based classification
  • Change / no-change masking
  • Change labeling
  • Analysis of classification and change results
  • Indicator calculation


The Software can be downloaded after requesting your login informations via Email: geoclassifier@jena-optronik.de



GEOclassifier in ArcGIS Toolbox


GEOclassifier Standalone Version