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Workshops & Training Sessions




March 2006 – Workshop Frascati

We are happy to announce the second workshop within the EPIDEMIO project at
ESA/ESRIN in Frascati from 08 to 10 March 2006.




List of participants

Dezember 2004 – Paris ESA/HQ




Training sessions

Test site visit Niger, 05-06 December 2005

Training session / Visit at CERMES, 08-09 December 2005

Training session and test site visit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 25-28 October 2005

Test site visit in Madagascar, 05-07 October 2005

Training session at PASTEUR, Antanarivo, Madagascar 04-06 October 2005

Training session at WHO, Geneva, Switzerland, 14 September 2005

First training session ar University Marne LaVallee, France, 06-07 July 2005